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Langkawi Island 
is an island located in the state of Kedah, within an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, 30 kilometers from the mainland coast of the northwestern part of Malaysia, with a total area of ​​47,848 hectares, one of the islands inhabited; Where more than 65 thousand people. Consists of flat coastal areas and limestone plains interspersed with limestone, two-thirds of which are forests and hills.

The island was known for Chinese travelers, especially by the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Da Yuan, and Ming Admiral, and during the fifteenth century the island was known as the " Aceh (Pulau Lada), or Pepper Island, and during 1691 Frenchman Augustine de Boulio went to buy pepper.

The island became a home for seafarers in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. They were known as Urangut. During 1821, the Siamese army conquered the island. During the first attack, local residents decided to burn the grain reserve in the Padang region to starve and expel the Siamese. One year later, the Seaman managed to take it completely, and its inhabitants became slaves, and some managed to escape.

The island was restored from Siamese rule after a campaign against them in 1837, and in 1909 became under British rule under the Anglo-Siamese Treaty and later became a sanctuary for pirates, especially in the northern part of the Malacca Strait. In the series of operations between December 1945 and March 1946 The British are fully on them.

Tourism on the island of Langkawi 
On the first day of June 2007, the island became one of the geological features of UNESCO, and the island contains many tourist sites that provide advanced tourism services, and has many popular beaches such as: spit, Bantas Sinang, Bantai Tenga, Boraou, Bantai Kok, and Datai Bay. These beaches are characterized by white sand, with many restaurants, entertainment bars, and the island is meant to be around one million people a year.

Climate of the island of Langkawi 
The island is affected by moderate climate, the temperature is moderate throughout the year, and receive the island year-round more than 2400 millimeters of rain, and extends the real dry season from December to February, while the rainy season starts from March to month Nov.


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