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The Philippines is located in eastern Asia on the western side of the Pacific Ocean, bordered by Taiwan on the north by the Luzon Strait, Vietnam on the western side by the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea on the southwestern side separated from Portillo Island, Separated from a group of Indonesian islands and the Philippine Sea to the east, bringing a total of 7,107 islands within its borders, covering an area of ​​300,000 square kilometers.

The Philippines is divided geographically into three sections: Luzon, Pisaia and Mindanao. Manila is the capital of its jurisdiction. The city of Quezon is the most densely populated city with a population of more than 92 million, ranking 12th in the world. There are more than 11 million expatriates scattered around the world, with different ethnicities, religions, cultures, and tropical climate.

The most important islands in the Philippines The islands in the Philippines are characterized by breathtaking beauty, with tropical rainforests, coral reefs, seaweeds and pearls, which increases the attraction of tourism throughout the year.

is the capital of Puerto Princesa, the largest area of ​​the country. It extends from the eastern part of Mindoro to the island of Borneo to the south-west. It is located between the Sulu and South China Sea. It has a population of more than 800,000 and is one of the seven regions in the world. Beautiful in the world, and is considered a beautiful beach as well.

The island is considered one third of the island group, the Middle Archipelago. It contains Lake Balincayao, the Ludok River and the Sagi Marine Reserve. These areas are popular tourist attractions, creating hotels, resorts and various services for tourists.

is one of the smallest islands on the western side. It is one of the most important resorts in the world, and is 315 kilometers from Manila Island on the south.

This island is located in the province of Cebu, which is divided into the city of Lapu Lapu, and the municipality of Cordoba known as Kordova. One of the most prominent concerns is that it was occupied by Muslims and Spain during the 16th century.

is one of the largest islands in terms of overcrowding. The most important feature of these islands is that it is considered the course of many rivers. It is located in many economic, industrial and agricultural activities and is one of the most important products in which rice, sugar cane, coconut and grains are cultivated.


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