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Langkawi Island 
is an island located in the state of Kedah, within an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, 30 kilometers from the mainland coast of the northwestern part of Malaysia, with a total area of ​​47,848 hectares, one of the islands inhabited; Where more than 65 thousand people. Consists of flat coastal areas and limestone plains interspersed with limestone, two-thirds of which are forests and hills.

The island was known for Chinese travelers, especially by the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Da Yuan, and Ming Admiral, and during the fifteenth century the island was known as the " Aceh (Pulau Lada), or Pepper Island, and during 1691 Frenchman Augustine de Boulio went to buy pepper.

The island became a home for seafarers in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. They were known as Urangut. During 1821, the Siamese army conquered the island. During the first attack, local residents decided to burn the grain reserve in the Padang region to starve and expel the Siamese. One ye…

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Atlantic Islands  The Atlantic Ocean has a large number of islands and can be divided as follows: [1] Pure oceanic islands: islands formed by natural volcanoes such as Iceland Island, Azores Islands, Asuncios Island, St. Helena Island, The island of Goff, the island of Goff, the Canary Islands, the island of Madeira, the island of Cap, the island of Verdi and the island of Fernando de Norona; these islands are located near the outskirts of Africa and the continent of South America.
Islands:  Some of these islands are located in the ocean and the other in one of the seas, including the Lesser Antilles, which extends in the Caribbean Sea, and the South Georgia Islands in the Scotia Sea. Purely continental islands: These islands include the British Isles, the Greenland Island, the Falkland Islands, and the island of Newfoundland.
Island Iceland  The island of Iceland is located in the northern part of the globe; it is an almost uninhabited island whose territory consists of a group of volcan…

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The Philippines is located in eastern Asia on the western side of the Pacific Ocean, bordered by Taiwan on the north by the Luzon Strait, Vietnam on the western side by the South China Sea, the Sulu Sea on the southwestern side separated from Portillo Island, Separated from a group of Indonesian islands and the Philippine Sea to the east, bringing a total of 7,107 islands within its borders, covering an area of ​​300,000 square kilometers.

The Philippines is divided geographically into three sections: Luzon, Pisaia and Mindanao. Manila is the capital of its jurisdiction. The city of Quezon is the most densely populated city with a population of more than 92 million, ranking 12th in the world. There are more than 11 million expatriates scattered around the world, with different ethnicities, religions, cultures, and tropical climate.

The most important islands in the Philippines The islands in the Philippines are characterized by breathtaking beauty, with tropical rainforests,…

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Solomon Islands 
is a group of islands located on the southern side of the Pacific, within the northeastern part of Australia. These islands are divided into two parts: southern and northern, the southern islands are part of Solomon Islands, and the northern islands are part of Papua New Guinea.

The southern islands include a number of islands, including Chuizol, Santa Isabel, New Georgia, Cuadalcaln, San Cristobal, Maltala and many small islands. The total population of the islands is 29,785 km2. The northern islands contain Boca Island, A geographical area estimated at 10,878 km².

The Solomon Islands to the south-east are the islands of Santa Cruz, with the southern borders of the Solomon Sea and the Coral Sea. The northern part is bordered by the Bougainville archipelago, and the Bismarck archipelago is bordered on the west by Papua New Guinea.

Geography The Solomon Islands
geological terrain is varied among the mountain peaks that have emerged as a result of volcanoes, valleys and cora…

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The most beautiful islands in the world spread in the countries and regions of the world many beautiful natural islands, and here is information about the most beautiful of these islands.

It is an economic source of income for countries that contain one or more beautiful islands, characterized by nature, climate, geographical features and tourist sites. Many people are keen to visit the beautiful islands. ; The island is known as a land area surrounded by water from all directions, and collected islands and islands, and called the island this name because it is cut off from most of the land, and the land may take some of the directions of the island, And then become a peninsula, and the group of islands that are adjacent to each other name of the archipelago. 

Palawan Island 
Palawan is a province in the Philippines, with the capital Porto Princesa as its capital. It is classified as one of the largest provinces in the Philippines according to its geographical area. The Palawan lands ext…

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The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Arab country located in the northeastern part of the African continent. It also has an Asian extension in the Sinai desert. It is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by the Red Sea, to the east by Palestine and from Libya to the west. South, united by the State of Sudan. The capital of Egypt is Cairo, the official language of which is Arabic, while the official religion is the religion of Islam.

The importance of Egypt
The Republic of Egypt is known for being the cradle of one of the most important civilizations that existed on the face of the earth since ancient times, namely the Pharaonic civilization, which left traces and historical landmarks that still exist to this day. Our article will be a guide for you on your journey to Egypt. The tourist can be visited.

Touristic Places in Egypt
The tourism sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income. Egypt has a large number of touri…

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Kuwait  Kuwait is located on the north-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is located on the northwestern shores of the Gulf of Arabia. Iraq borders Kuwait on the north and west, and on the southern side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Gulf of Arabia covers an area of ​​17,818 square kilometers, It has a population of more than three million.
The most important places in Kuwait The Kuwait Towers The Kuwait Towers is the winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. When you climb to the top of these towers you can enjoy the panoramic 360 ° view of the city of Kuwait. The towers of Kuwait are located in the eastern region and on the shores of the Arabian Gulf .

The Avenues Complex 
The Avenues Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East. The Avenues complex is located in the industrial irrigation area on the Al Ghazali Highway to the east and along the Fifth Ring Road to the south. The Avenues complex has many entertainment sources such as cinema and theme park.…